Cancer is a word that can scare anyone and there is social as well health stigma related with it, much like alzheimers and autism. Not only the person who is suffering from the disease faces problems, but even the families and near ones of those afflicted can get help from us. We aim at reaching out to those who are suffering with this ailment and at the same time make them aware of the treatments, care and facilities they can obtain. In some cases, we even provide medical and financial support for the patients.

What is cancer? It is an abnormal growth of cells where instead of following a development which is normal, the cells grow beyond control resulting in a tumour. Except for leukemia, all other types result from this abnormal growth. Leukemia on the other hand, affects the bone marrow and hampers its ability to produce the red and white blood cells.

Treatments for cancer

Not all tumours are dangerous, some are also benign. But it’s the malignant ones which can lead to worry. With advancement in the field of medical research and also if it is detected on time, cancer is curable. Common treatment is radiotherapy and chemotherapy and sometimes the tumour can be removed surgically.

At, we try and offer all help which you might need- emotional and financial support, guidance with regard to the treatment, help in diagnosing as well as after-care. We reach out to those who need us the most and try to be with them when they are at their most vulnerable.