Alzheimers is a disorder or disease of the brain which is progressive and fatal in nature. This disease gets worse with time and affects the person’s work, social life and hobbies. It is a form of dementia. Since it has no known cure till date but yes, it can be treated symptomatically. Most of all it requires support and right services. At, we help the aged who are vulnerable to this ailment right from the moment they realize the apparent changes in them which can lead to this disease.

Symptons of Alzheimers

We make the people suffering from Alzheimers aware of their rights and also support which is available to them in the United Kingdom. We are there for them when they need advice, support as well as treatment. We help in spreading awareness about this disease and garner more support from across the nation so there can be facilities directed at the aged who suffer from this debilitating disorder of the brain.

You must recognize the earlier symptoms of Alzheimers like forgetfulness, confusions, sign of emotional withdrawal, loss of confidence as well as communication problems. This is important as it helps you to avail the symptomatic treatment which can help you to live independently for as long as possible. It is very important to act with courtesy when interacting with people who suffer from this disability and at the same time respecting their privacy.

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